God's Fall

A not so restful respite

Upon returning to Sigil the heroes took some time to pursue some personal endeavours. Himo did some research at a new bookstore in town called “The Parted Kimono” and discovered Tiamat’s blood is used to seal her in Avernus and that certain prophecies speak of a weapon forged from Tiamat’s blood capable of slaying her. Rufio reconnected with Friar Garianis to pursue a potentially lucrative assignment, however, he was unable to escape with the goods. Xika decided to start learning draconic, while Bunbury, as expected, had a very successful week carousing and even made some money whilst gambling. After hearing a rumour that Merchant prince Montague was seeking to assassinate his new wife, Princess Cappylot, Bunbury and Abbot went on a mission to either rescue the Princess or persuade the Prince that murder is not the answer. After some bungling, they were able to convince the somewhat slow and naive Princess to bear the child of the Prince, resolving the problem.

Farris delivered Fathom’s letter to Seeker Nightshade via Ger, which unbeknownst to the heroes was a trap designed to kill the Seeker. This became clear, however, when the Sons of Mercy led by a paladin named Arwyl arrested Farris for murder. During his imprisonment, Farris learned Seeker Nightshade was not, in fact, dead and wished to use Farris and his companions to kill Fathom. Farris, not desiring to continue the cycle of violence, Farris initially declined and sought to make his case in court. However, after realizing the Seeker was manipulating through coercion the Sons of Mercy and much persuading from his friends, Farris decides to take up the task from the Seeker. Pursuing a tip that a guild known as the Beast Tamer’s possess knowledge on Hags and how to track them, the group has taken up a mission from Guildmaster Nazgrim to expel a group of giantkin that has taken up residence in the Slaags. Will our heroes be able to successfully complete their mission, or end up as hors-d’oeuvres? Find out, when we part the Kimono of reality…

A Somber Return to Sigil

Deep in the bowels of the fire shrouded city of Gar, the adventurers gallantly held off wave after wave of devils and drow to buy Farris the time to summon a portal to Sigil. As the portal opened, Lady Andriel joined the devil’s in their assault, forcing the group to retreat. As the last of the elven prisoners escaped through the portal, Kuro and Lyca succumbed to their wounds. However, in a heroic display of courage and grit, both were carried unconscious through the portal by Himo and Xika. As Farris stepped through, Lady Andriel, sensing an opportunity, struck down Quelenna with a firey ray of energy, shutting the portal and trapping Braum on the other side. The adventurers, haggard and bleeding, were left in the common room of the Greenmill in Sigil with 15 elvish refugees. What fate awaits the party in Sigil? Are they finally safe, or have they jumped out of frying pan and into the fire? Find out next time when we part the Kimono of Reality…

The Trapped Temple of Tiamat

Having just freed Lyca and vanquished Lord Slenderweb, our adventurers impatiently plundered his apartment. Unfortunately for Kuro, his curiosity got the best of him when a suit of armor turned into a paralyzing prison. Nevertheless, the group left with some new trinkets and heavier purses. At this point, Himo revealed to the party a vision he had regarding a mysterious elderly man surrounded by 7 golden canaries. In this vision Himo is instructed to retrieve a vial of Tiamat’s blood at all costs before leaving Gar. The rest of the adventurers agree to assist Himo with the hope that the Elven prisoners can hold out a little longer. Their incursion takes a dangerous turn when the temple turns into a death trap of elemental orbs, whirling blades and smashing pillars. Though a combination of ingenuity, bravery and luck, the band is able to recover a vial of Tiamat’s blood and make their way back to the prison, with the elves none the worse for wear. Now, having started the ritual to summon a gateway home, the entire city seems to have realized their presence. Can our brave band hold out long enough to make it home, or will they fall to the fiendish blades of the Baatezu? Find out next time, when we part the Kimono of Reality…

Oh What a Tangled Web We Weave

After completing the ethics trials of Raj Ahtan, the adventurers found themselves in the sewers beneath the fire shrouded city of Gar. With some a combination clever word-play, bribery, and stealth the party was able to slip past the Duergar guarding the subterranean entrance to the prisons. After overcoming some blood hounds and the Warden, Farris was finally reunited with what remains of his people, only to find Lyca, his love, had been abducted by a malicious Drow known as Lord Slenderweb. They made their way to Slenderweb’s apartments, some more stealthily than others, and the adventurers confronted Slenderweb in an epic battle. Farris landed the killing blow and freed Lyca. However, badly injured and time running out, it remains to be seen whether the party will be able to escape or whether the prison of Gar will become their grave. Find out next time when we part the kimono of reality…

10/21 Tough Choices

The adventurers woke in the lavish apartments of Raj Ahtan and, after a decadent breakfast, began the ethics challenge. The first challenge was an easy decision. The party chose to fight two basilisks rather than leaving a family of Kenku to be devoured. The second challenge had the adventurers choose between being merciful or spiteful towards another party caught in the same challenge. Our heroes chose mercy, but the others chose spite, causing our heroes to fight the most difficult monster while the other group was set free. The third challenge had the adventurers choose between dropping a chest filled with weapons and treasure or a group of pitiful kobolds into a pit of “liquid hot magma.” Being noble of heart, the party chose to save the kobolds. The final challenge complete (and their purses quite a bit heavier), the party made their way through a hidden passage to the sewers beneath Gar. Will they find and free Farris’s people? Will Farris have to execute his love “Dom Style” just like from Gears 2? Find out next time when we part the kimono of reality…

9/16 Out of the River and Into the Whirlpool

The band of adventurers continued their journey down the Styx after escaping the Iron Tower. Deciding to err on the side of caution, they scout the rapids leading to the waterfall above Cauldron Lake. On their way back a large frog behemoth attempts to abduct Rufio, but the band is able to slay the beast and retrieve their comrade. They manage to safely navigate the rapids, however, they are surprised to find Cauldron lake Inhabited by fire snakes that push them into the maelstrom in the center. In a daring manuever, Xika the pilot is able to guide the party safely through the center. On the other side they encounter being who appears to be half fire snake half humanoid. He suggests the party follow him peacefully to his master, the Shah Raj Ahtan. They follow this advice and Raj Ahtan presents the party with two choices: take part in an ethics experiment or be handed over to the authority of Gar. Agreeing to partake in his experiment the following day, the party is fed and quartered in lavish apartments. What will this ethics experiment entail? Will the party ever make it to Gar to free Farris’ people? Will the DM ever get on with the plot? Find out, when we next part the Kimono of Reality…

8/19 Fathom's Return and Trapped Doors

Shortly after arriving in Avernus on the River Styx the adventurers were approached by a ghostly apparition who identified himself as Charon, Ferryman of the River Styx. After gaining information from Charon on the perils that lay ahead, the group forged onward, opting to skip what appeared to be a gambling destination. While on watch, Farris was accosted by a familiar entity, Fathom. Upon finding the adventurers had not delivered her letter to Seeker Nightshade, Fathom exhibited her displeasure by absorbing Farris’ remaining fey essence, rendering him near indistinguishable from a human. Pressing on, the group arrived at the Iron Tower, which they had been told held dangers and riches by Charon. After making their way through a trap riddled dungeon, they discovered the Iron Tower also held a prisoner, Farris’ old mentor Braum. After an intense battle over a treasure-filled chest against a drider named Lilith, the group found themselves in possession of the largest treasure trove they had ever encountered. Still ahead lies the city of Gar where Farris’ people are held captive, and if Lilith was to be trusted, turned into monsters for an even darker purpose. Will they free Farris’ people? Will they even survive the trip to Gar? Find out, when we next part the Kimono of Reality…

6/17 Journey to the River Styx
but first, to sell or not to sell the house!

After returning from a harrowing delve into the crypts beneath the shattered temple, the adventurers return to their home to find a collection notice placed on their residence. After a long, robust debate on the pros and cons of selling the house and the best method to do so, the group decided to put it on the market. After receiving a vision from his deity informing him that the time to free his people is nigh, Farris and the band seek out a pilot skilled enough to guide them down the river Styx to Avernus, the first layer of the nine hells. Fortuitously, a ship just spectacularly arrived in Sigil carrying a (hopefully) skilled pilot named Xika. Bent on travelling for the purpose of his own mysterious pilgrimage, Xika agrees to accompany the adventures to Avernus. The journey starts with the band being flushed out of The Ditch into a tunnel, testing the skills of Xika as a pilot and the rest as fighters as the tunnel’s strange denizens attempt to board the ship. Having survived this first leg of their quest to free Farris’ people, we ask if the adventures will survive their excursion into the nine hells… Find out when we part the Kimono of Reality!

5/27/17 Temple of Aoskar Part 2

Beneath the ruined Temple of Aoskar our adventurers continued to battle the waves of kobolds, narrowly saving Kuro from certain death. Deeper in the catacombs, the band confronted the Avatar of Aoskar, vanquishing him and thereby removing the consecration to the site. After gathering a few Varguille heads, they returned to the surface and received their reward from Friar Garianis. What new adventures will Sigil throw at the adventurers next? Find out, when we part the Kimono of reality…

4/29/2017-Ruined Temple of Aoskar

We pick up the story as the band of adventurers is about to descend into the ruined temple of Aoskar after being hired by Friar Garianis to clear out the catacombs (with the bonus of 10 gold per Varguille head brought back). Before descending, Rufio is cured of his Lycanthropy. The band discovers the catacombs to be rooms linked by portals controlled by dials on the walls. After a brief skirmish in the second chamber, the group realizes a riddle on the wall holds the key to victory. Proceeding through the doors marked with a fang, the band now finds itself in the midst of fighting off waves of kobolds who seem intent on abducting Rufio. With Kuro unconscious, the built-in weaponry of the room exhausted, and a third wave of kobolds incoming, will the group ever breathe the air of Sigil again?


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