God's Fall

10/21 Tough Choices

The adventurers woke in the lavish apartments of Raj Ahtan and, after a decadent breakfast, began the ethics challenge. The first challenge was an easy decision. The party chose to fight two basilisks rather than leaving a family of Kenku to be devoured. The second challenge had the adventurers choose between being merciful or spiteful towards another party caught in the same challenge. Our heroes chose mercy, but the others chose spite, causing our heroes to fight the most difficult monster while the other group was set free. The third challenge had the adventurers choose between dropping a chest filled with weapons and treasure or a group of pitiful kobolds into a pit of “liquid hot magma.” Being noble of heart, the party chose to save the kobolds. The final challenge complete (and their purses quite a bit heavier), the party made their way through a hidden passage to the sewers beneath Gar. Will they find and free Farris’s people? Will Farris have to execute his love “Dom Style” just like from Gears 2? Find out next time when we part the kimono of reality…


npalardy89 npalardy89

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