God's Fall


The band of adventurers made the last push to the portal that would take them to Sigil, heroically striking down a foe that had eluded them earlier. Finally arriving at their destination, they were guided by a helpful tout named Ger to Farhome, an elven enclave in this strange, dark city. While taking a reprieve at an Inn called The Green Mill, they overheard talk of a disappearing house containing great wealth. Not being the only ones in the Inn looking for adventure and a bit of gold, the party was joined by an elf named Kuro. Together, they discovered the mysterious house to find it did not contain treasure, but a ghost named Gondien looking for someone strong enough to fulfill a contract he was given in life. Being the moral sort (and after being promised the house in return) the party agreed to help Gondien complete his task.

The adventurers also heard rumors of someone named Friar Garianis in the temple district looking for some strongarms to deal with a problem beneath a temple site.

What lies ahead in this dangerous city? Will they deliver the letter given to them by Fathom? We will see what happens when we part the kimono of reality…


npalardy89 npalardy89

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