God's Fall


Delivery for Kisruk

We pick up the story with the adventurers fighting a den of werebeasts in the sewers. Kuro, leading the band, almost immediately walks into an ambush set by two wererats, but is rescued by his new found friends. The group then encounters a wereboar manning a ballista desiring to parlay. After an attempt to sneak up on him fails, the wereboar releases “the Hunger,” a gibbering mouther kept locked underneath where he is standing. After a tough fight that nearly claims Kuro’s life, the adventurers triumph, and the wereboar tosses the package at the adventurers’ feet before fleeing. With the package now in their possession, the band makes their way to the 9th Pit, an establishment specializing in serving up cocktails of pleasure and pain as strong as the patron can handle.They succeed in gaining entry and hand the package over to Kisruk, who proceeds to release Gondien from his contract. Kisruk also takes the opportunity to insult the group over their elvish heritage, but also recommends they seek future employment with Shameska the Maurader should they need future work. Upon returning to the house of pallid doors, they find Gondien has departed, but left the deed in their name and keys to the house behind. Realizing Kuro has been infected by something during their encounter with the werebeasts, the group makes its way to Friar Garianis. The Friar negotiates a deal with band, he will cure Kuro of his lycanthropy if they agree to clear out the catacombs beneath the site where he is constructing a temple.


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