God's Fall

4/29/2017-Ruined Temple of Aoskar

We pick up the story as the band of adventurers is about to descend into the ruined temple of Aoskar after being hired by Friar Garianis to clear out the catacombs (with the bonus of 10 gold per Varguille head brought back). Before descending, Rufio is cured of his Lycanthropy. The band discovers the catacombs to be rooms linked by portals controlled by dials on the walls. After a brief skirmish in the second chamber, the group realizes a riddle on the wall holds the key to victory. Proceeding through the doors marked with a fang, the band now finds itself in the midst of fighting off waves of kobolds who seem intent on abducting Rufio. With Kuro unconscious, the built-in weaponry of the room exhausted, and a third wave of kobolds incoming, will the group ever breathe the air of Sigil again?


npalardy89 npalardy89

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