God's Fall

6/17 Journey to the River Styx

but first, to sell or not to sell the house!

After returning from a harrowing delve into the crypts beneath the shattered temple, the adventurers return to their home to find a collection notice placed on their residence. After a long, robust debate on the pros and cons of selling the house and the best method to do so, the group decided to put it on the market. After receiving a vision from his deity informing him that the time to free his people is nigh, Farris and the band seek out a pilot skilled enough to guide them down the river Styx to Avernus, the first layer of the nine hells. Fortuitously, a ship just spectacularly arrived in Sigil carrying a (hopefully) skilled pilot named Xika. Bent on travelling for the purpose of his own mysterious pilgrimage, Xika agrees to accompany the adventures to Avernus. The journey starts with the band being flushed out of The Ditch into a tunnel, testing the skills of Xika as a pilot and the rest as fighters as the tunnel’s strange denizens attempt to board the ship. Having survived this first leg of their quest to free Farris’ people, we ask if the adventures will survive their excursion into the nine hells… Find out when we part the Kimono of Reality!


npalardy89 npalardy89

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