God's Fall

8/19 Fathom's Return and Trapped Doors

Shortly after arriving in Avernus on the River Styx the adventurers were approached by a ghostly apparition who identified himself as Charon, Ferryman of the River Styx. After gaining information from Charon on the perils that lay ahead, the group forged onward, opting to skip what appeared to be a gambling destination. While on watch, Farris was accosted by a familiar entity, Fathom. Upon finding the adventurers had not delivered her letter to Seeker Nightshade, Fathom exhibited her displeasure by absorbing Farris’ remaining fey essence, rendering him near indistinguishable from a human. Pressing on, the group arrived at the Iron Tower, which they had been told held dangers and riches by Charon. After making their way through a trap riddled dungeon, they discovered the Iron Tower also held a prisoner, Farris’ old mentor Braum. After an intense battle over a treasure-filled chest against a drider named Lilith, the group found themselves in possession of the largest treasure trove they had ever encountered. Still ahead lies the city of Gar where Farris’ people are held captive, and if Lilith was to be trusted, turned into monsters for an even darker purpose. Will they free Farris’ people? Will they even survive the trip to Gar? Find out, when we next part the Kimono of Reality…


npalardy89 npalardy89

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