God's Fall

9/16 Out of the River and Into the Whirlpool

The band of adventurers continued their journey down the Styx after escaping the Iron Tower. Deciding to err on the side of caution, they scout the rapids leading to the waterfall above Cauldron Lake. On their way back a large frog behemoth attempts to abduct Rufio, but the band is able to slay the beast and retrieve their comrade. They manage to safely navigate the rapids, however, they are surprised to find Cauldron lake Inhabited by fire snakes that push them into the maelstrom in the center. In a daring manuever, Xika the pilot is able to guide the party safely through the center. On the other side they encounter being who appears to be half fire snake half humanoid. He suggests the party follow him peacefully to his master, the Shah Raj Ahtan. They follow this advice and Raj Ahtan presents the party with two choices: take part in an ethics experiment or be handed over to the authority of Gar. Agreeing to partake in his experiment the following day, the party is fed and quartered in lavish apartments. What will this ethics experiment entail? Will the party ever make it to Gar to free Farris’ people? Will the DM ever get on with the plot? Find out, when we next part the Kimono of Reality…


npalardy89 npalardy89

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