God's Fall

Update from 3/4/17

After identifying a desecrated shrine of goddess Ehlonna, the band of adventurers pushed onward, ascending the innards of Mount Seraphim and following the cryptic directions of the strange creature known as “Wighed.” Unfortunately, the group was plagued by a series of mishaps. First, Rufio epically failed a stealth check, soiling both his pants and his dignity. Next, a camouflaged beast known as a trapper assaulted the group, only to escape into the darkness. Bunbury found a crown befitting a person of his grace and elegance, only to suffer a psychological setback when forced to star down a decaying visage of himself. Finally, Farris near-fatally fell through the floor, necessitating a daring rescue by his companions. Now, in the dark behind a barred down, the adventurers gather themselves for a final push to locate the portal to their salvation, or perhaps their doom.


npalardy89 npalardy89

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