God's Fall

Update from 2/4/17

During this session the adventurers managed to save an ogre from a merciless band of gnolls, atoning for a prior act of brutality. They continued upriver, staying afloat and on course despite an ettin hurling boulders at their boat and spiders attempting to pull them ashore. They finally reached the mountain from which the Run of Seraphims flows, flying part way up the mountain (and nearly falling to their deaths) to discover a cave that will hopefully take them through. This is where we pick up our story, and part the kimono of reality…

Story so far..

For a recap of events prior to the campaign, see the wiki section.

The adventurers (Hemo, Rufio, Farris and Bunburry) find themselves in a purgatory-esque plane known as Outland, their souls unable to pass on to dwell on the home-plane of their respective deities. Mysterious beaked creatures known as Kenku offer to bring them to the center of the plane, where a city known as Sigil rotates eternal around an infinitely-tall pinnacle known as the spire.

After being ambushed by some kobolds calling themselves “the Wings of Tiamat,” the Kenku bring the adventurers to a hut, where they meet Wilhelm Wizzlepop. Wilhelm, an agent of Primus, is currently attempting to fix time, which has frozen in the Outlands. He tasks the adventurers with fixing “the Hourglass of Primus” that controls the passage of Time. Once successful, the adventurers continue onward to find the Run of Seraphims, a river that flows through the adjacent Ravenmirk.

For unknown reasons, the adventurers were sucked into one of the infinite dimensions of the Abyss ruled over by the demon lord Orkito. There, they were forced to complete a series of tasks that tested the adventurers abilities and intellect before being released back to the plane of Outland.

The Ravenmirk thwarted the adventurers attempts to pass through until they followed the current to abode of Grimmie Corvus, an entity claiming the title of Matron of Ravenmirk. Grimmie promised the adventurers passage through Ravenmirk if they would inform her two sisters that it is now time to form the Coven as the God’s Fall had begun. The adventurers agreed to this deal, passing through Ravenmirk while assisting a displaced band of Lizardfolk (led by Seer Furak) overcome some bullywogs on their way.

Acting on a tip from the Seer Furak, the adventurers took an alternative route through the Ashmist to avoid a hostile group of lizard worshipers of the demon Sess-Inek, passing by the Pool of Night. This passage proved no safer, as they were pulled into a cavern and forced to fight a Chuul, servant to the Blood Queen, an aboleth deity of dominion and oppression.

With the Chuul defeated, the adventurers continued up the Run of Seraphims through the Ashmist and into the Whispering Barrens. Realizing they needed a sacrifice to summon the second sister, a lone gnoll was captured and its pain given as tribute. Sated, the second sister appeared before the adventurers, identifying herself as Teta Strigid. A dispassionate conversation ensued, and the adventurers completed half the task given to them by Grimmie Corvus.

Continuing ever upriver, the more religious member of the group realized the act of sacrificing the gnoll was not without consequence. Seeking to atone, they agree to help an blubbering ogre rescue his brother captured by gnolls. Here, we pick up our story, and part the kimono of reality…


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