God's Fall

4-8-17 Sewer Run

Having agreed to help the ghost of Gondien retrieve a package in return for the deed to his house, the band of adventurers makes final preparations before delving into Slaags, the worst section of the worst quarter in the city. These preparations include Bunberry finding a new companion, a blink dog, in the Grand Bazaar. Before the group is able to reach the entrance to the sewers they come under assault from a band of bored hill giants lobbing boulders in their general direction. Just when they thought they would make it safely, a particularly large boulder crushes and pins Kuro underneath. Sensing a meal, the giants make their way towards the party, which is only just able to free Kuro and dive into the sewers before the giants have them for lunch. Once in the sewers, the group finds itself facing a den of wererats, tracking them to a control room where they are able to stop them from flooding the sewers. Pushing onward, Rufio discovers a chest only to find it filled with a swarm of rats. He is able to fend them off with the help of his friends and finds a robe spun from cloth-of-gold at the bottom of the chest.


npalardy89 npalardy89

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